• I would encourage to use Jenny Xu

    After living in our Claremont house for 13 years, we decided to relocate to our other home in Camas, Washington. We knew we were in a strong housing market in 2015 and we were looking for a real estate agent who could manage the sale of a multi-million dollar home. I spent about a year observing the sales of homes in our beautiful city and one fact stood out, Jenny Xu sold nearly all the high end home in our immediate neighborhood. On my street alone she was involved in every closing deal that occurred in the prior 12 months. So we hired Jenny.

    She came to the house and made a great presentation of her qualifications and it was obvious that she knew the high end market. It was clear from the beginning that she was good at attracting buyers and marketing our home. She talked to buyers about the benefits of living in Claremont and ultimately she convinced one of her customers to buy it.

    In the six months it was on the market, Jenny responded to every one of my text messages within minutes, she replied with equal speed to my email messages, and while she personally answered my phone calls about 95% of the time, if she was busy, she always called me back quickly.

    She kept me updated on the market conditions, the sales of homes of like size and amenities to mine and she made intelligent recommendations on pricing and marketing. We had a lot of shoppers in the six months and in mid-April we had our sale and we were pleased with the outcome. Jenny worked with the buyer and their real estate agent to close the sale without any problems.

    Overall Jenny did a remarkable job providing us with outstanding customer service. If you are selling a home in Southern California, I would encourage to use Jenny Xu.

    Joe Higgins

    Seller of 787 Brigham Young Dr., Claremont CA 91711


    Cell: 626-674-7368

    Office: 909-447-7818

    Direct: 909-447-7819

    E-Fax: 909-918-5031

    Email: Jenny@jennyxuhome.com

    1030 Bonita Ave.

    La Verne CA 91750


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